Introducing Evesting; Investment Marketplace For Modern-day Investors

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At CeedCap, one of our core beliefs is that, as the future of African economies evolves into a more digitally connected eco-system, audacious and ambitious digital companies will build tools and solutions that will power that future. Our role as a startup studio is to invest and co-build these companies; those that will ultimately help society flourish through digital inclusion and also transform the future of key sectors in the financial industry, yet be globally scalable.

About 8 months ago, we began the journey of building a product tailored towards providing innovative solutions in the financial sector. Fintech solutions have been on the rise in recent years with various of them effectively changing the narrative in the sector. While we celebrate the direction the sector is heading we believe that there is always more to contribute in continuing to drive digital innovation. After months of research, careful deliberation, and several conversations with both professionals in the field and people who need these services, the concept for Evesting – one of our solutions to some of the gaps to be filled in the financial sector – was born.

Evesting is an investment marketplace for professional investment and financial services providers to connect with qualified modern-day investors looking to centralise their investments from one dashboard. Evesting lists investments offer that are professionally managed by verifiable and authorised investment providers. 

Evesting makes accessing professional advisors incredibly easy for individuals to make better wealth management decisions; one major way we are making this happen is by helping them understand their investor personality type. This seemingly small revelation will fuel a domino effect of breaking down the barriers that sometimes clog the minds of people when it comes to understanding the best decisions for them. 

Evesting seeks to help modern-day investors feel understood when it comes to their financial personas and offers personalised wealth management solutions using Machine Learning algorithms to understand, suggest, and connect them with verified and licensed investment providers that would suit them best.

We tested this concept and saw good results further reinforcing the fact that the value Evesting offers is needed and can truly be a part of changing the future of financial inclusion and wealth creation. 

We are super excited to see this service finally in the hands of people and be a part of making their financial journeys easier and more efficient. We are in the beta phase and have opened up early access to limited investors. You can register your interest in getting early access HERE and you can take the assessment HERE to better understand your investor personality and begin your journey to better wealth management decisions.